10 Ways to Find Confidence

There are so many ways to find confidence and self-acceptance and we're here to help! Here at Sophie & Hailee we practice self- love and confidence everyday and we understand the importance of spreading the word!

 Don’t worry girl, we gotcha! Here are 10 ways to boost your self-confidence that you can practice every day!

1. Do more of what makes you happy!

Easier said than done right? Wrong! It’s easier said when done. (: This truly means gravitating towards things and people that make you the happiest. Find ways to turn your hobbies into jobs. This way, you will have the best of both worlds and most importantly, surround yourself with people who support that and ignore external pressures. 

2. Be Fearless!

Someone once asked Rihanna, what do you do on the days when you are not feeling your best self? Badgalriri responded, [Just] "Pretend”..."Truly, don't let them see you sweat". So, if Rihanna does it, girl, you can too! Take risks with new opportunities and with your wardrobe! Switch up your style according to your moods! Don’t conform. Be a trendsetter the way you, as one of our Sophie & Hailee readers, is intended to be!

3. Always be your best friend!

Stand up for yourself like you would for your friends and hold yourself accountable with your goals. Be honest with yourself when you are not holding up your end of the bargain with your personal promises.

4. What does your best self look like? 

What is your best self wearing, working, performing, displaying? Be that girl! If you are not quite there yet, write down a list of things that can help achieve those things!

5. Focus on yourself.

Once you find that best self that we were talking about, focus on her! Compare yourself to you. Put that dress on and own YOUR runway.

6. Focus on what you can change.

Again, let us be clear that this applies to you, and only you. Look at all the things you can change. If you don’t like your hair or your style, switch them up! The possibilities are endless...

7. Exercise. 

We know… we know you didn’t want us to say it but a healthy lifestyle will always positively stimulate your mind. Exercise is proven to decrease stress which causes wrinkles and headaches, improve your skin, and create endorphins. Sophie & Hailee has got you on the ‘Look Good’ part, it’s up to you to ‘Feel Good’, and soon you will ‘Do Good’.

8. Talk to yourself nicely

Positive self- talk is so underrated. Talk to yourself the way you would to your best friend. Be nice to yourself. 

9. Be comfortable in your own skin. 

By now, you have practiced all the previous steps we mentioned and hopefully you understand them. Once all of these have been applied it will be easy to use acceptance, forgiveness, and compassion to keep up with your confidence. 

10. Style yourself properly. 

Last but not least. Find your style by implementing basic guidelines that will help you shop for yourself efficiently. Take into consideration your skin tone, what colors compliment that? Use those to your advantage. Shape, once you love yourself and accept yourself, plan accordingly. Know what you feel comfortable wearing and what not. This is pivotal in your confidence for the day. We have put together our most stylish pieces just for you, check us out hun! https://sophieandhailee.com/collections/sense-of-style

It’s a work in progress, but that is okay! We know you got it in ‘ya! 😉 Your future looks bright! Put your stunna shades on and walk into it! 

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