5 Summer Dresses under $100

5 Summer Dresses under $100

As the daily temperature rises your wardrobe shifts with the season. This season we want you to feel confident, fresh, and carefree all while looking stylishly on trend. We want each item of clothing to make a statement of its own.

  That’s why we’ve listed down the most trendy pieces on Sophie & Hailee. Not only will these tops and dresses naturally cool down the body, but they will also make our wallets happy! From puff mini dresses to gorgeous printed maxi dresses, we’ve got it all covered.


This gorgeous light blue dress can easily turn a brunch dress into a romantic dinner date outfit! It’s feminine with an airy silhouette that is flattering to any body type. It also features puffy long sleeves that add character to its styling.  Another great detail of this is the fabric used, which is chambray cotton. This dress can definitely take even the hottest summer heat! For day styling, we recommend tying the hair up into a ponytail, and by nighttime, let the hair down to achieve those beach waves! Pair this outfit with beautiful wedge heels or light-colored boots, and statement earrings!


This is the perfect summer dress! It’s flowy, fresh, and comfortable. With its striped fabric, this dress will never go out of style. The ruffled bell sleeves, along with its airy silhouette adds feminine touches to this piece. The best thing about this dress? It’s made from 100% cotton!  

 Swing dresses are versatile so they can also be worn even when it’s not summer. Just layer it with a light jacket, leggings, and boots, and it can be an instant spring outfit. For summer styling, we recommend just wearing it by itself, then paired with cute sandals for a refreshing look!

Paisley Print Maxi DresS $65

This printed maxi dress is definitely a head-tuner! Its trending boho-chic style is gorgeous, with a free-flowing fabric that moves where the body goes. It’s made from semi-sheer fabric, so it’s comfortable to wear, even in the summers.  

 With this maxi dress, we can sleep at night knowing we have a piece that we can wear whatever and wherever the occasion is. Putting on a belt and layering it with a blazer gives it a formal look. Wearing a summer hat and sandals makes it perfect for picnics, and styling it up with gold accessories and heels changes its look from casual to romantic — just like that! 

Puff Sleeve Mini Dress $65

This is the definition of the perfect weekend dress! The sage color of this mini has a youthful hue and a refreshing look that’s easy on the eyes. Also, the smocked detail of this mini dress combined with the puffy sleeves gives a flattering silhouette to the body. 

 For weekend brunches, it can be worn with a sunhat and low heels, and when it gets too cold, just put on a light jacket and low-cut boots. Light accessories are also recommended to let this beautiful dress stand out more!  


Floral Puff Sleeve Dress $53

This floral dress is made from a semi-sheer fabric with a plunging V-neckline that allows room for accessorizing. It has a ‘wear-it-and-go’ kind of style that makes it easy to pair with anything. It’s so versatile that it can be worn from day to night. The sheer floral fabric makes this dress light weight and perfect for the warmer seasons. The cinched detailing is a trend you will see through out your Instagram feed, so make sure to get your hands on it today! 


That rounds up our list of dresses under $100. These trending pieces and more can be shopped at Sophie & Hailee! Visit our website now to find other chic summer dresses that won’t break the bank!

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