Sophie & Hailee's Top 10 Best Sellers in 2021

Hey there, trendsetter! Are you still searching for your next in-season look? Are you fretting over your wardrobe, wondering how to liven it up? Are you interested in knowing the most wanted styles currently out there?

Well, look no further! Here we'll give you the recap on the Top 10 Most Wanted Styles in 2021 at Sophie & Hailee, so you can find something new to love. 

1. Paisley Printed Tunic Dress

First on our list is our Paisley Printed Tunic Dress, and it’s no secret why! The boho paisley print is perfect for spring and summer. It features a square neckline, puffed sleeves, and a self-tie back closure. And it even comes with functional side pockets!

Accessorize with your favorite pair of heels to highlight the dress’ chic midi length and you’re good to go!

2. Ruffle High-Neck Tank Top

Runner up is our Ruffle High-Neck Tank Top. This trendy piece has unique ruffles along the collar and sleeves and ribbed lining throughout the silhouette. It’s made with a ribbed cotton stretch fabric meant for comfort and to help you feel good from inside out!

3. Tassel Floral Print Top

Number three is our Tassel Floral Print Top. It has lightweight printed fabric that makes it a breeze to wear, and it comes in two colors: Mustard and Black. This piece is the perfect combo between boho and trendy.

4. Paisley Print Midi Skirt

Fourth is our Paisley Print Midi Skirt. You’ll definitely want a look at this if you’re searching for a trendy, timeless piece.

The silky paisley print fabric, side slit hemline, and midi length offers a chic yet boho feel. This midi skirt was designed for every young woman to feel her most authentic self. 

5. Ruffle Swing Dress

Next is our Ruffle Swing Dress, a simple number in Ivory that will make anyone feel their most authentic self. It features matching ruffle trim on both the sleeves and hemline, adding a cute flair to this V-neck dress. With its lightweight woven fabric and comfortable full lining, we promise you this is a solid boho pick to bring with you to your next day out.

6. Ditsy Floral Skirt

Sweet number 6 is our Ditsy Floral Skirt, an olive colored skirt that’s simply irresistible to twirl around in with its tiered hemline. The floral print fabric can brighten up any outfit, and it’s easy to pair with your favorite tops. Between the fitted stretch waistline, floral print, and midi silhouette, this piece is a staple piece in your closet for years to come.

7. Linen Button-Down Ruffle Strap Midi Dress

The bold Tangerine color of our Linen Button-Down Ruffle Strap Midi Dress has made it a hit seller, perfect for bringing a combo of a pop of color and boho style to any season.

With this dress, you never have to worry about comfort, between its lightweight linen-blend fabric, functional front button loop closure, and adjustable ruffle straps — you'll be feeling good from inside out!

8. Ruffled Knit Tank

Eighth is our Ruffled Knit Tank, in it’s two colors: Black, for a timeless look and Blue, for a boho feel. The ribbed knit fabric makes it super comfortable, perfect for feeling your most authentic, comfortable self. With its unique ruffle trim neckline, this top works with you instead, adding that tiny detail to elevate your look to the next level. 

9. Mock Neck Sweater Dress

Our Mock Neck Sweater Dress sits at number nine, with a stylish, timeless look that makes it effortless to wear. Whether you want to keep it simple or spice up your outfit with accessories, this dress will suit your needs. The mock style neckline and pull-on silhouette go hand-in-hand, helping you exude effortless on trend style.

The soft, warm knit used here will make you want to wear it forever, and hey, you totally can. 

10. Linen Button-Down Midi Dress

Last, but certainly not the least, is our Linen Button-Down Midi Dress. The round scoop neckline, front button-down closure, and self-tie sleeves will help add a bit of boho to your wardrobe.

That concludes our recap of the Top 10 Most Wanted Styles in 2021. See anything you like? Don’t miss out on any of these hit sellers and head over to our website to discover more of our clothing collections!

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