Winter to Spring Wardrobe Transition

Winter is about to end, and springtime is just around the corner. We’re about to have warm weather, blooming flowers, lots of chirping birds, and some nice breeze. This also means it’s now time for you to bring in new pieces of timeless clothing that doesn’t only suit the new season but yourself as well. With that said, let us give you some ideas on clothing pieces you must have when transitioning your wardrobe from winter to spring.

1.    Long Dresses

Dresses are a staple during spring. The cool breeze coupled with flowy dresses make a perfect match. However, it’s a bit difficult to wear your mini dresses still since it’s still a bit chilly. After all, the winter isn’t too far gone. In that case, a long dress like our Paisley Print Flutter Sleeve Maxi Dress will be perfect for you. This flutter dress covers most of your legs while keeping a flowy silhouette making it an excellent wear during the winter to spring days. 

2.    Jumpsuits

Any jumpsuit like our Belted Ruffle Shoulder Jumpsuit is a popular Dress alternative. Not only does it cover the entire legs and keep them warm – its ruffled shoulder design is also perfectly on-trend for the Spring.

3.    Long Sleeves

Long sleeves are a winter staple but you can’t throw in the back of your wardrobe just yet. The Sheer Fuzzy Lace Button Down Top is lightweight, so it will feel nice and warm against the cool breeze but not too hot that you’re sweating in the warm weather. Since the sleeves are long, it offers protection to keep you shivering from the cold, while being breathable enough to take in the fresh spring breeze. 

4.    Light Jackets

The key to transitioning from winter to spring wardrobe is to use your winter clothing the right way. Like long sleeves, you don’t need to hide your light jackets just yet since you’ll still need them. For now, just put away your heavy winter coats and bring in the lighter jackets. Like the Women's Marled Rib Button Up Knit Jacket, a light jacket is a great piece to have for mixing and matching. This stylish piece from our collection can be the perfect match for your floral dresses and other spring pieces with keeping you cozy in the remaining winter days.

5.    Dusters

Duster jackets, duster coats, or kimonos are a fun, fashionable piece perfect for the winter to spring transition. They’re long and light, which means you already have the coverage and warmth you need. Beyond this, their loose layering makes them super versatile. You can basically throw the duster over everything for an instantly fashionable look. With that said, we recommend our Suede Belted Side Slit Duster to add to your wardrobe.

Did you already have these pieces in your wardrobe? If you do, now’s the time to get them out and be ready for spring. If not yet, don’t wait and start shopping now to complete your winter to spring wardrobe. Visit our shop now and see our collection of clothing pieces that perfectly suit what you need this coming season. 

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