Back to Basics With a Twist

Back to Basics With a Twist

Contrary to popular belief, basic doesn’t mean boring. If you really look at what’s trending, more and more people are going back to basics with their outfit selections. As modern living becomes more complex, people tend to search for simplicity in what they wear. Besides, who needs an overcomplicated wardrobe when you can have something practical, classy, and timeless all at once?  With five of Sophie & Hailee’s simple but spirited picks, you’re sure to enjoy going back to basics with a twist. Style them up or down for any occasion!

Linen Button-Down Palazzo Jumper

Whether you’re out running errands or off on a coffee break with friends, our linen button-down palazzo jumper will keep you feeling fresh and stylish all day. Enjoy that summer breeze with the dual slits on each wide leg, along with a cinched waistline that serves as a chic accent for a sleek look.

Ruffle Stone Wash Denim Jacket 

Denim will always be a wardrobe essential, and the ruffle stone wash denim jacket can give you a mix of that hard-edged, urban texture and a touch of playfulness with its frayed details and short sleeves. Mix it up with a floral dress or a plain white tee depending on your plans for the day!

Belted Wrap Sweatshirt

For girls on the go, our belted wrap sweatshirt’s hip, cosmopolitan style gives a literal twist to the typical crewneck. Wrap that belt into a side ribbon for a more polished look, or unravel it for a more comfortable getup. It’s the perfect top for the days when you want to switch between refined and relaxed. 

Ruffle Off-Shoulder Mini Dress

Not your ordinary little black dress, the ruffle off-shoulder mini dress combines sophistication with simple elegance. If you suddenly find yourself invited to a surprise dinner date after work, all you need to do is pull down those ruffled sleeves off your shoulders for a more flirty, chic look. 

PU High Waist Paper Bag Skirt

If you’re feeling more avant-garde, our PU high waist paper bag skirt elevates your typical leather skirt with its exquisite olive shade, ankle-length reach, and classy slit. With a shapely silhouette, this skirt can work for any type of event, from your lighthearted garden party to a more svelte arthouse gathering. 

Basic Isn’t Boring

Having a few simple but trendy pieces can give your entire ensemble some much-needed panache without painfully overcomplicating your look. Ditch the razzle-dazzle of clothes and get into the spirit of modern minimalism.

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