Spring & Summer 2021 Collection

Spring and summer are already on the horizon with longer days and rising temperatures. Although it has been a slow year for the fashion industry due to the never-ending lockdowns, the spring and summer 2021 trends are giving us a newfound joy in dressing up. Keep scrolling to find some stunning style inspirations with the top trends this season.


Designers and fashionistas are embracing an optimistic perspective for the upcoming season. Bolder, brighter colors can be found in many textures and fabrics. One of the stand-out choices is the color orange, which is available both in a vibrant pop of color and a softer, more subdued shade.  This textured knit top in a muted orange will instantly elevate any wardrobe. It’s the perfect choice if you aren’t ready to let go of their comfy loungewear but want to inject something that sparks more happiness and positivity.


Florals are a classic staple. This season, expect to see surreal floral patterns in watercolor paints and impressionist styles as well as larger, attention-grabbing prints in intricate floral motifs.  This floral maxi dress is the embodiment of the celebratory spirit of spring and summer. It offers just enough coverage but still goes perfectly with the warmer months ahead. It’s a chic no-brainer that you can easily wear with both sandals and heels alike.


Textiles are also making a big splash this season. There are three crucial elements that characterize the fabrics used to create the most popular clothes on this season’s runways: sustainability, technology, and fun. Tencel perfectly incorporates all three. Made from sustainably sourced eucalyptus wood pulp, Tencel is a high-quality fabric that creates a natural but refined look.  If you are looking for a simple, timeless piece that also represents your commitment to Mother Earth, this midi ruffle skirt is a great option. It’s a fresh and fun piece that’ll catch everyone’s eyes once the temperatures start to rise. 


This season, bandana prints are getting the spotlight. This elegant resurgence couldn’t have been more timely, as it brings to mind the widespread use of bandanas as masks. But more than just being a pandemic must-have, bandanas also come in stylish, timeless prints that have translated well into other clothing pieces. This bandana print mini romper is a more subtle take on this trend. The print is a classic, but it’s in a more subdued color so you don’t have to worry about looking outdated instead you’ll be vintage-chic. 


Pastels are another step designers have taken to bring more optimism into people’s lives. Pretty pastels are all the rage this season, with muted sorbet shades dominating the runways. They’re present in practically every piece of clothing from maxi dresses to trouser suits. Check out this wrap mini ruffle dress if you’re looking for a different rendering of this trend. It’s in a classic silhouette that you can use for work-at-home meetings, sunny days at the beach, or shopping trips with friends.

The days of wearing sweats all week are gradually tapering off. Check out the pieces above and refresh your entire outlook on dressing up.

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