Bon Voyage!

Are you just getting around to packing? Your trip is coming up and you’re not sure how to coordinate your essentials? Don’t worry, we’re here to help! We jam “packed” our top tips for your next trip to help ease the process! 

1. Packing Cubes Are a Life Saver!

This is the key to staying organized before, during, and after your vacation. They are formulated to hold as much clothing in each cube as possible. Each packing cube will typically come with indications on what would best fit in them. For example, one can be designated for intimates, and another one for bottoms and so on. During your trip, you can also use a packing cube to keep all of your dirty laundry to prevent it from mixing in with your clean clothes. Packing cubes are easy to store, they’re affordable, and most are dishwasher friendly for a smooth unpacking experience. 

2. Carry-On Essentials!

Depending on the airline and if you checked in a bag or not, in your carry on you should always keep essentials such as medication, hygienic products like dry shampoo (TSA approved), hand sanitizer, wipes, electronic chords and chargers. Last but not least, an extra change of clothes. Hear me out, you never know when you’re going to spill something and need to quickly switch out of your clothes. Keep in mind conserving space in your tote for any souvenirs that you want to bring back. 

3. Creative storage hacks!

Electronic chords? Easy! Sunglass case will keep these in tip top shape due to its hard-shell exterior. No shoe bag? No Problem! Shower caps make an easy way to store shoes in your luggage. If you are going somewhere tropical bring an extra shower cap for all your wet and dirty swimsuits. Hate tangled jewelry? We do too! Use a latex glove to hang each necklace in each finger and make a knot at the top! For the rings and earrings, get yourself a pill organizer that will safely hold those in there for you. Protect the hats at all costs! Stuff socks in the hat to help maintain its shape and ensure that there are packing cubes surrounding that hat to ensure it’s in tact. 

4. Be Smart!

Don’t pack things that you know you’re not going to use. Example, running shoes when you know deep inside is not likely to happen. Only take things that you know that you are going to use. In addition, try being practical with your outfits. Shoes are a great way to save space by bringing a versatile pair that can work with multiple outfits. Try bringing neutral pieces that can be styled many different ways for a dressy or casual look. Check out our Neutrals Collection for inspo! We hope this next trip is everything you wished for and more! Safe Travels! 

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