Dear Class of 2022

               You did it. All that time and effort has finally paid off. The long nights, early mornings, missed events to finish a paper; the test prep and studying that took place on Friday nights when all of your family and friends were enjoying themselves has come to reward you with your graduation day. Be proud of yourself and all of your accomplishments as we’re sure your family and friends are. As you embark on this next chapter in your life we wanted to remind you of some important habits to pick up before you enter the corporate/ adulting world. 

              One of the very first things to remember is to EXPLORE. Figure out exactly what you like and don’t like in relationships and what kind of people you would like to surround yourself with. These people will typically carry you into the early stages of adulthood if not all adulthood. This is your time for self-discovery.

              With that said, and once that has been figured out you need to align yourself with your beliefs and morals. What are some principles that are the most important to you? Make sure that those are reflected in everything that you decide to take on. With understanding this, it will be easy to decipher what success means to you. 

              This time of your life is so special, make sure you don’t spend it comparing it to anyone else’s so take more social media breaks than you’re used to. Even though college is over, never lose the habit of learning. Be advised that learning and growing is a part of maturing into the best version of yourself. Don’t ever shut that door. Most importantly read as much and as often as you possibly can. Make sure you get into the habit of reading because this time you’ll most likely be reading books of your choosing. Ultimately always be ready and eager to learn. 

               The Sophie & Hailee team want to extend a huge ‘Congraduation’ to the Class of 2022! If you haven’t graduated and/or are supporting someone who is graduating make sure to check out “The Grad Shop”, a collection of our featured dresses and jumpsuits for all your graduation festivities. The future looks bright. 

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