Hack it!

Hey there girl, love to see you back! It’s officially Summer and we know you’re out there battling the heat so we wanted to give you a couple less things to battle with our wardrobe hacks that will help your life feel a bit breezier. Whether you’re a busy mom with no time to build an entire new closet or a college student trying to find ways to get creative with storage, these options are sure to help stay organized and efficient.

The first wardrobe hack is learning to hang your clothes vertically, by that we mean attaching a chain per say that would drape down from your first hanger and adhering hangers to each loop of the chain like shown in the illustration below. This is a great way to save space and possibly color coordinate or organize your closet to your choosing. 

Scarves and belts sometimes can get in the way, but they’re easy to store. But in case you have not found a sleek way to store your pieces, try using a towel railing. You can loop your belts and scarves around the rack for easy access and storage solution.

Double closet rods! These are going to be your best friend whenever it comes to saving space. You can find them anywhere but basically, it’s two hangers that latch on to your closet rod and drop down to an additional rod for double the closet space! Aside from vertically hanging your clothes this is another wardrobe hack that will help create storage space!

The most overlooked wardrobe hack is seasonal rotation. Display items that are in season and that you have a chance of wearing. Coats and thick jackets during the warmer months are a no go. Keep one or two sweaters if that just in case but everything else can be stored away. Same goes for the colder months and so on.

Dress to De-Stress sis!

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