Summer Barbecue Appreciation Post

Alright girlies, we’re here to break it all down! From the proper fits to the proper meals needed for a successful Summer Barbecue! Hosting? Attending? Don’t fret, Sophie & Hailee got the basics covered for you! 😉

Let’s start off with the most important part of the barbecue---hold the barbecue; the outfit! 💅What are we wearing for this most extravagant event?! *laughs in sarcasm* As a host you’ve got to come CORRECT! Please keep in mind that you will more than likely be the one running around so your outfit needs to reflect that. Pick something trendy and easy to walk in. Opt for some stylish and comfortable shoes that will help with getting around smoothly. Guests, you have no excuse to show up unfashionably on time (unless you’re about that selfless life and show up early to set up; which in that case we respect too! 👏). Bring the casserole but not before you pick out your trendiest summer dress in your closet. Show up and show out while you can. Check out our ‘Desert Desires’ collection for a little inspo moment. 😉

Barbecues cannot be complete without a proper grilled meal. Whether it’s grilled veggies for all our vegetarians or meat for our carnivores, grilled anything is essential for a barbecue. We don’t make the rules, they just are! Also, if you are a guest, proper guest etiquette is BRING SOMETHING to the event! It’s just common courtesy besides, half the fun of a barbecue is tasting the famous pasta salad that you’ve been bragging about all winter. 💁 Now is your time to shine! If you’re not the best cook, it’s alright, offer to bring beverages. It’s truly the thought that counts. As far as recipes and proper grilling techniques, we- uh, don’t know what to tell you. 😕 Good news for you, there is approximately 4,645,781 informative articles on the internet that will do just that! 😊

We got style and food on lock, now its time to set the vibe! If you’re a guest, help maintain the vibe. The idea is very simple, Hosts- remember, proper tunes no matter the genre need to be upbeat! No low-down music. Slow music is the quickest way to realize how tired you actually are from all the prepping and that the pasta salad mentioned earlier is probably not all that.😁 In addition, let’s also make sure that the ambiance is right with proper lighting. AKA make sure that people can see each other after the sun sets. We definitely don’t want people to be wandering around like blind mice in the backyard. 😕 Heating lamps are important if you have them if not, let guests know to come prepared. Last but certainly not least, the draanks!  We’re not picky and we’re sure you’re not either but keep those flowin’. Also, for both hosts and guests, please drink water and responsibly sis. We won’t steer you wrong here. Hehehe 

All in all, we want you all to have a safe and fun 2022 Summer!

Love, S&H.

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