Preparing for Friendsgiving

It’s the season of giving so it’s only right that we give you the proper tips for a successful holiday season. First things first, Friendsgiving… Let’s talk about it. This holiday is the time to give thanks with friends from all walks of life. It can be a stressful for many and it shouldn’t be, so with that said we’re here to help! We have scoured mixed reviews along with personal experience to round up the most helpful tips for an easy and successful 2022 Friendsgiving. 

Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail 

Let’s find the ‘mom’ of the group. Yes, that one, you know who we’re talking about, the organized planner that coordinates activities for everybody. Typically, they are the hosts of these kind of gatherings but if for any reason they are unable its still important to get their help for proper planning. If that’s you, thank you. Many people are grateful for you and not just on this fine holiday. Make sure that you coordinate the amount of people that will be attending this shindig. This ensures dish assignment and amount of food that is needed to have enough to go around. 

With being the host/hostess, the main dish (in this case it would normally be the turkey) would be assigned to you but we understand if you have your hands full with everything else going on. Entrusting the coveted dish to someone else requires much faith. The person who should ultimately take on this responsibility should naturally be the best chef or second best (next to you obviously😉) of the group. 

Bottoms Up!

BYOB Friendsgivings are always essential however, in the spirit on unity make sure that you are equipped with a nice dessert wine or champagne for the celebratory toast. Let’s prepare with a variety of juices for mixed-drinks and cocktails. People can most definitely supply their own but we are aiming for the “hostess with the mostest” title here! Now that the party has started, remember to drink responsibly. 

Set the Mood!

It wouldn’t be a holiday event with out all the vibes! The table must be thanksgiving ready of course. The color scheme and theme should be up to you but we would normally just say that Fall colors would suffice. It needs to have a runner, silverware, proper glasses and plates for the meal that is to come. Add a little razzle dazzle with candles for a warm and inviting look. You can also add a string of lights somewhere to complete the festive feel.

We’re not expert chefs to list recipes to amazing ground-breaking thanksgiving dishes so we went over all the other important details. We hope that our guideline to surviving this year’s Friendsgiving helped! 

Thank you for following along and we hope you have an awesome Friendsgiving and Thanksgiving all the same! 

 We are thankful for you.


Love, Sophie & Hailee.

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