Top 5 Fall Makeup Must-Haves

Hey there lovely, thanks for checking in with us! We hope you had an awesome Halloween! Now that the holiday season and Fall is officially kick started let’s make sure that you prepared for the upcoming holiday events. Step 1: The Makeup. Now we're not beauty experts but we can tell you that makeup is one of the essential factors in putting your holiday outfit together. With this said, we want to make sure that you are taken care of so we compiled our Top Five Fall Makeup Must-Haves! 


Let’s start with the groundwork of a proper holiday makeup look, the foundation. It’s in the name itself, this item is crucial to a flawless look! Time to put down the BB/CC cream and pick that full-coverage baby! (or medium coverage, whatever floats your boat…) Be mindful that the color of your foundation should change in the colder months that there is less sun. Remember to pick something that plays nice with your skin. We definitely do not want dry patchy foundation so take the necessary steps to prevent this. Moisturize your face, prime, and make sure you use the proper tool for your foundation, whether that be a beauty sponge or a brush of your choice.


The second must have is your blush. I know, doesn’t seem like it would matter much but trust us. This will take your makeup look from basic to fabulous! It’s the season for a flushing cold days look. Instead of that Peach colored blush, opt in for a deep rose color. The darker tone will standout appropriately with the gloomy weather surrounding you. Have fun with your blush, add a bit to your nose and make sure that you add your blush a tad bit above your cheek bones to create a ‘lifted’ look. Dab some on your forehead for consistency and balance throughout the face and according to your personal preference you can reduce the contour to enhance the blush.

The third must haves are a duo, a killer combo, Mascara and Liquid Liner. This one is self-explanatory. To be frank, Mascara and eyeliner are year-round entities but for the sake of a complete Fall makeup kit; this reminder is needed. Us personally prefer a matte black liner however, a bit of shimmer and sheen never hurt anybody. 😉 Killer products for a killer eye look are a NECESSITY. Perfect for a smokey, glittery, or basic look with a bold look. 



The fourth must have makeup product that should be in your kit this Fall is the Bold Lipstick! This trend seems to stand the test of time since it has been featured every year since we can remember. A basic eye and a bold lip is honestly sometimes all that you need. Let’s elevate this idea by being bolder than ever this holiday season and introduce a black lipstick. This sounds scary and like Halloween all over again, we know but if you throw on just some pair of lashes and liquid eyeliner, you are golden! Throw in a bit of red in the center of your lips to add a bit of dimension which is also divine and you are good to go! However you choose to wear your bold lip, remember to accompany it with confidence!


Remember to finish everything off with a proper setting spray. This final product is going to sure that your masterpiece and all the precious advice we just gave you in locked and secured for the night/day. It also brings a natural texture to the entire look. One our faves are the Urban Decay All-Nighter Setting Spray but definitely a more affordable and equally as great is the Morphe Setting Mist. Tag us on Insta with all of your make up looks this fall! @sophieandhailee



With all of this, you are Fall Makeup Kit full proof!

We hope your full Fall flawless face is timeless this season! 


 Love, S&H.✨


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