S&H Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for under $100!

Happy Holidays to you and yours! Thank you for stopping by to check in with us! If you are here it’s mostly because you either love us or need guidance for the perfect gift for the close people in your life. Since we don’t know your mom and sister first hand we decided to round up top gifts for everyone in your family all under $100! Yes, mom, dad, sister, brother, grandma, grandpa, or significant other can all benefit and would appreciate these gifts. Now since you do know these people in a personal way, feel free to add a touch of intimacy depending on things that they like. We’ll explain it all as you read along don’t worry… 

The first go-to gift is going to be self-care! Most people include self-care as stocking stuffers but they can also equivalent as a proper gift depending on the size. Self-care is an underrated gift because EVERYONE needs proper self-care and what better way to show someone that YOU care by gifting them things/ products that will help them take care of themselves. Great examples of this would be skin masks, moisturizers, self-help books, appointments to grooming services. 

For the men in your life:

  •               Barber/ Beard Shaving appointment.
  •              Massage appointment
  •              Pedicure Appointment
  •              Shaving Kit (including aftershave)
  •              Lotion/ hair styling pomade/ body wash, shampoo etc. 

For the women in your life:

  •               Massage Appointment 
  •               Hair/ Nail Appointment (or even press on nails if you’re on a budget)
  •               Bubble Bath essentials
  •               Body lotions
  •               Hair Styling tools

The second gift to consider are loungewear. Both men and women can enjoy these as everyone at one point is in need of loungewear to accompany them on their self-care journey. 

For the men in your life:

  •              Sweatpants
  •              Sweater (Crewneck or hoodie)
  •              Pajamas (you should know what brand they like or anything that they might be interested in)
  •              Slippers (either lounging house slippers or slides for quick trips to the grocery store).
  •              Lotion/ hair styling pomade/ body wash, shampoo etc. 

For the women in your life:

  •               Any kind of Set would suffice (check out The Comfort Zone collection for a one stop shop to the perfect gift!)
  •               Pajamas for the cold nights ahead or even just to relax in
  •               Again, slippers or slides will also do the trick

The third notable gift idea would be Accessories. Consider headwear, shoes, and bags (yes, men can wear bags too).

For the men in your life:

  •               Proper headwear can include any sort of hats and even head bands for the athletes in your life. 
  •               Shoes can include anything between workout sneakers or dress shoes.
  •               Man-Purses are a trendy way for men to carry around their belongings like their laptop, tablet, or chargers. 
  •               You can also gift a nice backpack as an alternative. 


For the women in your life:

  •             Headwear for women can stretch from hats to cute hair accessories and clips. (Think scrunchies, headbands, claw clips, and bobby pins).
  •            Shoes are the obvious right? Heels go a long way but keep in mind that since it is the colder season boots are always appreciated.
  •              Bags, again are always a nice surprise. Since this is a budget friendly blog post we definitely are not referring to the latest Chanel.


Last but certainly not least, the final gift idea would be scents. There is no greater gift than the gift of Aroma. This would be more of a generalized idea non-gender specific but remember perfumes and candles are almost always a winner as a gift. (Again, keep the receipt if anything changes). 

I hope our gift guide helped you find the perfect gift for your loved ones. If all else fails, just get a Sophie&Hailee Gift Card! Don’t wait too long to finish your Christmas shopping! We hope you have a Merry and Joyful holiday and from all of us here at the Sophie & Hailee team we would like to personally wish you a Happy Holiday!


Love Always, 

 Sophie & Hailee. 

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