Transitioning into Spring! Prepping your closet for the upcoming season!

Hey Girl,

Thanks for stopping by! Transitioning your wardrobe from one season to another can be tough but we have put together the following steps to help ease the process. 



Let’s begin by understanding that you can and are encouraged to transition slowly. With this in mind, the first step is properly styling and utilizing your Winter pieces. That trench coat would pair perfectly with white jeans and don’t put your jackets away yet. This can be paired nicely with a Spring dress. The timeless cardigan is a prime example of a Winter to Spring transition piece as well. 



Layers are the next go-to! What we mean by this is making sure that you’re adding dimension to your outfit for a ‘mixed’ diverse feel. Boyfriend blazers, cardigans, sweaters, scarfs, vests, etc. These are essential for the cold mornings and warm afternoons. Layering your outfit will prevent you from committing to a certain look.



The best way to update your closet is by incorporating lighter shades and hues. This introduces Spring to your ensemble without committing to it. Pastel and lighter shade cardigan sweaters, sweatshirts (crewnecks), and jackets represent transitioning effortlessly. 



Let’s not forget the footwear. Don’t underestimate the power that boots and Spring dresses/ skirts has for in between weather. On another note, light colored sneakers also scream the same transitional energy. Pair them with the same skirts and dresses to add that juxtaposition of floral and sporty. 

All of these tips are exceptional for transitional season and prove Winter to Spring doesn’t has to be a stressful fashion moment.


Love Always,

Sophie & Hailee. 

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