Balancing Act: Different Ways to Dress in the Cold Office During Summer Months

This is for all the girlies with altering temperature struggle. You know, when it’s 100+ degrees outside but -4 in the office? Yeah, that kind. Okay, we’re exaggerating but you get the point. The summer months in the office can sometimes feel like Russian Roulette with picking an outfit. Stepping outside makes it feel like some jean shorts and tank will do the job, but as soon as you step into the office, you’re catching hypothermia before lunch. Here are outfit ideas that will inspire your Monday through Friday wardrobe through the warm season!

First thing to always remember…bring a sweater! I know you’re scorching hot and just the mere thought of carrying a sweater through the blazing sun makes you cringe but remember your office is unforgiving and will make you uncomfortable to work. Depending on how cold your office gets, you can opt in for a light cardigan like our Dip Dye Knit Duster or you can resort for a full proof cozy jacket like our Plaid Fleece Button Up Jacket.

Be mindful that these depend on your circumstances in the office, every situation is unique. 

You can switch it up by including some jeans or if you’re really up for it, you are still able to pair a skirt but keep it below the knee like these upcoming selections below, and you will be all set. 

The third and final tip would be, to consider your top in accordance to the outerwear you have planned to wear. What we mean by this is if you are planning on wearing a thick jacket as mentioned above, you can get away with a top on the thinner side like our 

Sweetheart Ribbed Knit Bodysuit or Collared V-Neck Top

But in all the case that you want to layer on a thicker top, you always have the following  options as examples as well…

Colorblock Waffle Knit Top or Puffy Textured Sleeve Pullover Sweater

Either way you decide to style your office outfits, remember, that nothing is more important than Confidence. That is what brings your wardrobe to life. So put on the most essential accessory to your style; a smile and a poise attitude to carry you through the day.  

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