Homecoming: Tips to Returning To School Effortlessly

Hey there sis, welcome back to the blog and prepare to welcome your new semester in a productive and efficient way. We know that college can be a stressful and challenging time for some but we’re here to ease the stress with helpful tips to prepare for the upcoming semester. Here are a few helpful tips to ensure the returning of school a success. 

As a college student, whether it’s your first time in college or a returning student it's vital that you get organized in order to understand your classes and to schedule your time effectively. One of the first things that is important to practice is creating a proper daily routine. Establish a decent bedtime during summer and make it a point to learn a new craft or read a book during the hours that you would typically be in school to build a habit of work and rest that will ease the entrance of the new semester. 

In addition, it’s imperative that if you are able to review the syllabi to your upcoming classes, that you do so to get a better understanding of the requirements that you’re going to need to fulfill prior to walking into class. Some of those requirements would probably be text materials or other equipment that are important to obtain prior to the start of class and delaying the ordering of these books can hurt future assignments. Another important thing to note are test dates and important assignments coming up which will also help with appropriate scheduling. 

Let us also touch on the importance of prioritizing your mental and physical health. In your daily routines, within the week, set some time aside to do things that will relax you or bring you joy. Add on keeping your environment tidy to ensure proper organization and mental decluttering. Carry this along with you when you start college so that you can easily balance school and personal life. 

Last but not least, the final tip is to set realistic goals. When you set realistic goals, it will allow you to set a realistic timeframe and a proper plan to achieve these goals successfully. If for whatever reason you find that you set these goals and they did not succeed as planned you can then refocus yourself and get back to the drawing board on how to proceed. 

All these tips are essential to understand and implement if you are to have a successful and most importantly well-balanced college semester. Nonetheless, whether you implement these tips or not, Sophie & Hailee wants to wish you good luck and a happy homecoming! We know you will do great!

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