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The Mini

It’s hard to think of a time when there wasn’t a mini skirt on the market. It’s become such a staple that it’s difficult to imagine all the uproar and controversy this fashion item once caused. The Mini has revolutionized not just fashion but pop culture in general. It has become a sense of identity and self- expression in today’s society more than just another article of clothing. 

This piece has had a success rollercoaster which can be dated all the way back to 5400-4700 B.C.  where, according to Leah Bourne of, Archaeologists have found artifacts that resemble that of a mini skirt garment of figurines. In addition, Ancient Egyptian frescos have recounted of women acrobats sporting miniskirts. The mini skirt was scarce throughout history making an appearance in and out society and in the 1920’s was where a Flapper girl named “Josephine Baker” would commonly wear mini skirts for her performances like “Folies Bergère” in Paris. 

It wasn’t until Mary Quant- British fashion designer cemented ‘The Mini’ as an article of fashion with her mini skirt named “The Mini” in the mid 1950’s early 1960’s. According to Leah, Mrs. Quant regarded this piece an ‘act of rebellion’. Once the dress was launched it was also the rage of many protestors who smashed her boutique windows in an act of aggression writes ByIris from It has also been said by many, according to bloggers Leah and ByIris, that French Designer “André Courrèges" played a major part in the invention of ‘The Mini’ in a more ‘space themed’ vibe. However according to Mary “It wasn’t [neither her] or Courrèges who invented the mini skirt—[but the] girls in the street…” 

The Mini has suffered through many up and down episodes since its birth. Bourne writes that the miniskirt had died in the 1970’s with the arrival of the ‘Maxi’. There hadn’t been a hemline that had fallen to the ankles since 1914 and the Maxi reintroduced that. However, it was revived thanks to the likes of ‘Debbie Harry’—the lead of hit band ‘Blondie’, who commonly wore the controversial piece in addition to cheerleaders who since begun incorporating this design in their uniforms and the glorious pop sensation Madonna who showcased her mini skirt in her 1984 VMA’s performance of ‘Like A Virgin’ which has gone on to inspire more pop culture moments like Julia Robert’s character in ‘Pretty Woman’. 

Leah states that the ‘Quant [defines]’ the requirement to design a mini skirt as “the hemline to hit [sec] half way up the thigh and fall no more than 4 inches below the butt.” Since then however, many different versions have been released including the micro-mini. From the 2,000’s to today the mini skirt/ dress staple have solidified their place in fashion with being styled in a variety of ways from sneakers to heels/ sandals. It’s lifted the idea of being an act of rebellion and turned it into a strong sense of style and we wouldn’t want it any other way. 

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