Dorm-proof Style Staples

Good to see you back here! We know that going back to school is a stressful time and you’re trying to get school and moving situated. Dorm rooms as they are can feel like a box and the closets are even worse. In the spirit of being mindful of the clothes you will be taking to college, we will be breaking down top dorm proof styles. These pieces are essentials for an easy to grab and to keep an organized dorm closet. 




The first style and an absolute must have is a plain white tee (Just like the band…we’re showing our age, we know) or any white top. You can style this in a variety of ways to create different outfits that will last you the entire semester if not the year. Please understand that you absolutely CAN wear this over a nice midi skirt and some heels and you have a dressy casual look. Pair it with some jeans and sneakers and wear it for errands. Throw on a nice jacket for those colder months, and if worse comes to worse you can wear it as a pajama top (we’re covering ALL the basis). 




Let’s transition to a style staple just mentioned, which is the jeans. This one is self-explanatory but investing in a good pair of jeans will be worth it in the long run. You can style these up with some heels and a dressy top depending on the occasion. Jeans are the go-to of go-to’s as far as style staples go. Not just every dorm, but every regular closet must carry at least one pair of form fitting good pair of jeans. 





The next must have dorm essential is a good jacket/ hoodie. We know it doesn’t feel like it right now, but trust, that when those cold rainy days land you’re going to thank us. Now a good jacket to layer over a sweater of some sort is the ideal move on a cold day. However, just a jacket can elevate your look. 




One of the final style essentials is a nice versatile dress. You want to be very selective with your pick since this will be styled in a multitude of ways. Either with sneakers or heels, stockings, socks, or bare. Also, you are going to want something you can dress either up or down with a jacket or a nice cardigan we recommend something with a neutral color that wont clash with anything you would like to pair it with. 

Obviously, you are going to take as many styles as you can fit in your suitcase, we know, we’ve been there… However, these are just the pieces that should be packed first! These picks will make all the difference! Other than that, we know that you’re going to rock it on your first day of class! We wish you nothing but the utmost confidence and prosperity this stylish new chapter for you! 

Love Always, Sophie & Hailee.

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