Styling a Turtleneck for Fall

We can already smell the pumpkin spice and all things spooky! With the seasons changing, it’s important to adapt to the alternating weather. Summer to Fall wardrobe transition has never been easier than this year. Welcome Fall with one of the season’s trendiest and timeless fashion pieces of all, The turtleneck. Since you trust us, and we would never let you down, we got you covered on how to style this timeless piece! We have compiled 3 easy-to-follow tips on how to style the turtleneck to perfection! 

First and foremost, the turtleneck(s) that you choose need to be ones that one, you’re comfortable in. Meaning it fits your body exactly how you would like, not too tight around the neck etc. and two, the color needs to be right. Fall colors would be the most appropriate choices for the season like Burgundy, Mustard, Navy Blue, White/Cream, Brown, Black etc. Once you have these on lock, you can comfortably style these up and we are going to show you how. 

Pants! Let’s talk about it. This is a no brainer pairing, but we wanted to re-iterate the masterpiece that is a tucked in turtleneck with a solid, quality good pair of Pants. If you have a solid turtleneck add in some pattern and shape with your pants for a little razzle-dazzle.✨ We have included some examples for this year’s inspiration girl. The great thing about turtlenecks is that depending on how you style them, they can be a dressy look or casual vibe. 

Let’s not forget the skirt! We know, sounds a bit strange, but it’s not. Pair her with a nice short plaid skirt and to give it a cozy feel you can throw on some thigh high stiletto boots and you are set! This would actually be the secret go-to Fall outfit to elevate your style. You’re welcome. 😊

Finally, the BEST way to style this piece of course, LAYERING! Yes, Layers upon layers and more layers! Cozy and comfortable winner here. Throw on a leather jacket to show your edgy side with a red lip?👀? Pfft. Stop it... For a Casual feel, keep it cute and trendy with a nice denim jacket, jeans and this would be the perfect way to decide where you’re going. Sneakers for a quick get together or heels for a fun night out. The possibilities are endless!!

P.S. Don’t forget to pair your turtleneck with the most important accessories of all, 

that smile and confidence!


 Love, Sophie & Hailee! 

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