Fall Date-Night Ideas

It’s officially October! Libra season is in full- effect! Most importantly Fall is officially here and it is the month of all things spooky and ‘orange’ (we guess). Let’s begin the fourth quarter on the right foot! We have got five great date-night ideas to experience during Fall! These can be shared with a love interest or a friend. Either way, something wicked this way comes… 

The first must experience these next couple of months is the Pumpkin Patch, duh! This activity is exclusive to this time of the year so let’s take advantage of it! Aside from picking out the best-out-of-the-bunch pumpkin, you’ve got rides, food, games, and the hayride of course! What a way to spend the romantic/fun evening than with the official introduction to spooky season!

Once you have picked out your desired pumpkin, bring the fun back home with pumpkin carving and some wine. Be careful with sharp objects and the alcohol mixture but we trust that you are a responsible girl. 😉 Pumpkin carving is a staple during the Fall months, it would be a shame to miss out. The added bonus is that you can place your masterpiece as a Halloween/Fall décor. 

The next date idea is a Haunted House! Need we say more? If you’re a brave soul to walk through one of these, you need to take advantage as these are typically only set up during the Fall season. At the end of the day, nothing brings you and your person together than being scared half to death and fighting for survival to get out of these mazes. 

Let’s go to Octoberfest! If you are not aware of what Octoberfest is, let us enlighten you. It is a beer festival that only happens in October (obviously, right?) Fun way to extend the “Summer Fun” well into Fall. You and your bestie can try all of the brews and IPAS that your little heart’s desire. Remember to drink responsibly and have the ‘DD’ prepared well before this activity. 

The final Fall Must is the drive-in! Go grab some snacks and take your coziest blanket for some movie night fun! Where we’re from they have cemetery movie night events but the good old classic drive through works just as fine! 

Welcome to Fall Hun! Remember to enjoy it while it lasts… 

 -Love Always, Sophie & Hailee. 

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