SCARY GOOD! 4 DIY Costume Ideas: Featuring S&H

Hey Boo!           

  Sophie & Hailee here, checking in on your most amazing Halloween costume that we’re sure you have been working on for weeks. We know that finding the perfect costume can be time consuming and scary. If you don’t have one and you’re just like us, who let procrastination take over our lives, don’t fret, we’re here to the rescue sis. Featuring our timeless pieces yet, we’ve put together 4 scary good DIY costume ideas for the spookiest and trendiest Halloween to date!

The first featured costume is our take on The Witch! Why settle for a raggedy dress that, let’s face it, you will only wear one time? Instead, add a little charm and bewitch the look with a timeless romper like our Pleated Palazzo Jumper. Throw on a Witch hat and broom like in the examples below and strut your stuff! Can never go wrong with a timeless classic but jazz it up with some comfortable flats to go trick or treating or some heels for a night costume party feel.

The second spooky, timeless, S&H costume idea is the fighter pilot. It’s giving Top Gun but make it chic! For this look we are going to enlist our Tie Dye Jumper and accessorize it with aviator glasses and combat boots. Make sure to tuck the hem into the boots and finish it off with a sleek low bun. People won’t be able to tell the difference, Pinky Promise! 😉

The third look is a good, all things pure, Angel costume. Everyone loves a well thought out godly Angel costume! This fit requires our Eyelet Ruffle Sleeve Dress and your Angel starter kit accessories like the Angel wings and Halo. If you’re headed to a Halloween party, throw on some dazzling heels. However, if you’re taking the kids around the block, some all-white cowboy boots will do the trick or even some flats for the comfiest touch. 

The fourth and final S&H approved last minute DIY costume is our take on the Leopard costume. Instead of investing on a cliché Leopard print bodysuit we decided to break it up! We have included both our Denim Midi Pencil Skirt paired with our Leopard Off Shoulder Zip Up Knit Top for this look. The best part is that you can rock both of these pieces individually for a separate occasion which is a win-win in our opinion. Let’s finish the look with some Leopard ears and tail to match! Coordinate your makeup to resemble a feline and you are squared away! 

All of our costumes make for a spooky good time! Don’t just take our word for it, go out and see for yourself! All in all, we wish a safe and frightening Halloween this year! Hope all of our costume ideas helped! Shop our styles by 10/23 to receive them in time domestically! 

 Love Always, 

 Your Spooky Friends, Sophie & Hailee. 

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