Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas

Hey girly, 

 Thank you for stopping by to check in with us once again. Sophie & Hailee back here again to give you the low-down on what’s what with Valentine’s day being around the corner. This blog is for all my girls with a partner, who have their friends as soulmates, who practice self- love, and for those who just don’t believe in love altogether...’The Anti-Valentine-ers’ if you will. Whatever your status and belief is we’ve got you covered REGARDLESS. 



For those headed to a Lunch Date for Valentine’s day the best way to dress is depending on the weather and location. Considering Valentine’s day is known for all shades of pinks and reds, something like our Pink Collared Shirt will always be a can’t- miss outfit. Styled with a pair of booties will finish up the look effortlessly.


If you are going on a fancier lunch date it’s the perfect time to pick the dress with light colors for that cute and timeless feel! We have selected our Ribbed Collar Dress as a perfect example of confident and chic. 



Dinner and drinks calls for something a bit more sophisticated. Any form of waist hugging dress will do but a dressy top and trendy bottoms will work just as good. Here we have opted for our Sweater Wrap Maxi Dress as the proper attire for a classy but timeless ensemble.  


For a more casual vibe like dinner and movies, a comfortable outfit is the way to go. For this you are more than welcome to pair some jeans and a comfortable sweater to elevate your look. This is the ‘No effort but looks like you spent all night stressing’ outfit. We have chosen our tried and true Popcorn Knit Sweater paired with a bold pair of pants as a prime illustration of what we are talking about. 



For the gals, and the gals’ gals. This is dedicated to you! We understand that you don’t need a partner sometimes all you need are your best friends! For a casual Galentine’s night we have featured this look which includes our Knit Buttoned Cardigan and our Checkered Skirt and booties to match. 


If we’re doing it up with a party, let’s stand out for an outstanding night with our Sequined Dress paired with your favorite boots to strut your single fabulous self through the holiday. 

Anti-Valentine’s Day 

If you just don’t believe in the holiday what better way to rebel than in an all-dark attire? We have personally selected two of our most trendy and timeless all dark looks to inspire the rebel in you that we appreciate! Get into our Belted Metallic Dress in black and our Floral Maxi Dress for the boldest look yet. 

Whichever way you choose to celebrate and whatever outfit you choose to wear, we hope that it is filled with joy and abundance anyway! 


Happy V-Day!

Sophie & Hailee!

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